Mar 24, 2014

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Angkor III

Angkor being a Unesco world heritage site, a huge number of tourists come specially to Siem Reap everyday to see the temples, and it sometimes makes the experience of visiting them a little less enjoyable than it should be.
But the times we found ourselves alone in those places were really magical moments. You can find small temples which are not as famous as the big ones but are as beautiful and have almost no visitors (like Ta Nei in the first picture.) We also managed by chance to visit one of the most famous temple, Ta Prohm, (which was restored leaving the giant trees as a reminder of the state the temples were found) at the end of the day. It was dusk when we were there, which gave the place a special atmosphere. We somehow ended up being all alone in this huge temple. It was completely quiet, you could hear the noise of the jungle (which can be a little bit creepy) and see the moon. Perfect.

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Mar 17, 2014

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Angkor II

Thousand-year old stones + jungle makes for beautiful and colorful textures.

Mar 9, 2014

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Angkor I

We spent two days visiting Angkor. These are from the morning of the first day, we arrived quite early so that we could visit several temples (there are so many and they are quite far from each other so you need a tuk-tuk to drive you from temple to temple).
The soft light and the quiet atmosphere was so beautiful but quickly replaced by the heat and the noise of huge groups of tourists. I have so many pictures of Angkor that I haven't shared yet, lots of posts coming !